Boards and Committees

Here you’ll find a list of officers, boards, committees and mission teams with a contact person for each.

Moderator: Chuck Farrell

Vice Moderator: Hannah McGhee

Treasurer: Pam Gormley

Clerk: Peggy Farrell

Financial Secretary: Phil Blomquist

Deacons: Rick Hagen

Pastoral Relations: Rick Hagen

Trustees: John Pfahler

Christian Outreach: Mindy Starr-Pfahler

Christian Education: Shirley Tawney

Nominating Committee: Bruce Bartlett

Music Committee: Arne Aho

Stewardship: Hannah McGhee

Personnel: Pat Hudson

Women’s Fellowship: Judy Jones

Vitality Ministry: Shirley Tawney

Communications Ministry: Mary Bausch

Elevator Ministry: Wilt Jones

Chancel Ministry: Anne Merrill

Flower Ministry: Anne Merrill

House Ministry: Judy Jones

Investment Ministry: Shirley Tawney

Sunday School & Nursery Ministry: Nancy Kennedy

Warm Offerings Ministry: Bill & Barb Howlett

flowers for boards and committees